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Battery failure

Tony Krarup

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Been away for a month in a camper van, came back to find the 12 v Battery not just flat but dead. Eventually got in to car and removed the Battery before going shopping for a new one. My wife suggested ringing round first. 
No-one had one (bank holiday Monday) but the next day local Toyota dealer rang to say there are NO batteries in the Toyota network. 
Said a shipment of 960 batteries is due from South Africa between 14 June and 5 July, I will have to wait!  Some cusp have already been waiting 2 months!

This is an appalling state of affairs and I have written to Toyota’s MD, Richard Kenworthy to see what he can do. 

How many of us are in this position with a dead car and no transport for weeks?

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Well if you can't way go get a good Battery charger and charge the Battery slowly for 8-12 hours and it should revive it. 

If the Battery if so dead that the charger refuses to charge it but the battery in series with a good one and charge both for 3-4 hours that will force some juice into the bad battery so it is recognized by the charger 

Another way to force a bad battery to charge is connect it directly to a 12v power supply for a few hours and they charge it properly.

You have to repeat the process every week if you don't drive much but I am pretty sure you can make it last 1 month if you baby it

Always charge car batteries in a well ventilated room.

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I too was waiting for a new 12 volt Battery.

My 2015 Auris Hybrid sometimes used to fail to start. Let it rest with ignition on and retry and always then started. Dealer said Battery tested ok. Had issues again, tested ok. Car ready so went to set off and failed to start on dealership! Informed them and said we can either jump start or fit a new Battery, tomorrow. Great, I'll go for the new battery. Went and checked and none in stock, on back order! Waited 5 weeks and phoned to say in stock/booked appointment. Got there and dealer had been sent a non hybrid version! Waited another week and finally fitted!

I had ordered a battery charger for AMG/lead acid options cheap off eBay. Plan was to fully charge the battery if it failed, thankfully I was using the car far more and it kept working. I was also in the fortunate position to have another car, a 1996 Volvo 940.

This one. 8 Amp Intelligent Car Battery Charger Pulse Repair Starter 12V/24V AGM/GEL UK!! | eBay Only had to use it on my Volvo battery as failed to start as left interior light on. Not used on my Auris.

I would give it an overnight charge and if it works great. If it conks out when out use recovery if you have it or just charge it weekly.


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If the Battery is in the boot then an AGM Battery is a must. Expensive but a must, approx £130, maybe more if there is shortage.  There is a very good Battery supplier in Abergele, north Wales, Tayna. They do very quick postal service.

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