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Ignition won't turn off


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Hello All,

I have a 2007 Toyota Avensis 1.6 petrol.

Over the last few months I have ran into an issue which is now getting worse.

When I try to turn the car off the engine switches off, however the ignition stays on (air con keeps going etc). I fully pull the key out of the ignition but the dash board is still lit up.

Only way to get the car to switch off fully (and keep my Battery charged) is to disconnect one of the Battery terminals.

Sometimes this fixed the issue and when I reconnect the terminal the ignition is off, but sometimes it doesn't. The ignition still comes on. I then tend to keep the terminal off overnight and most of the time its fine in the morning.

I brought this to a local mechanic, at the time though the issue wasn't occuring and he couldn't see any real issue with it. I can only assume it is the ignition unit that is bad and needs replacement.

Has anyone seen this before? Is there any posts about it here?

(I have video thatI can send via WhatsApp of the issue is needed)


Thanks for your help!


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