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What happens when the hybrid battery is fully charged?

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I went for a drive across Dartmoor yesterday.  The outward journey was predominately uphill and when I arrived at my destination after 19 miles my fuel consumption was 54.9 mpg.  The return journey along the same route was downhill most of the way and I got 100.5mpg, the figures are from the MyT app, A/C on.  On several of the long downhill stretches the energy monitor showed the Battery as being fully charged but interestingly  power was still being delivered to the Battery.  The energy monitor is probably a simplification of what is actually happening so I would like to know how is overcharging of the Battery prevented?

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yes the display on dashboard  is not exact representation of what actually happens under the bonnet. When Battery is fully charged the ice can kick in to spin the mg1 to use some power and reduce the Battery state of charge, ecu is there to do this job.  Also when Battery level is full the actual battery charge is around 85-90% , it is same with electric cars and many people are worrying too much about it and not charging them full etc. No need to worry about anything, just make sure you have enough fuel in and enjoy your drive. Sometimes on full battery and after a stop on traffic lights for example your car engine may be running, this is in connection with the above event, to discharge the battery to more appropriate levels. , the car also may refuse to go into ev mode too, often happens to me and I have mostly full battery when back home, long downhill where I live😉👍

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