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Reverse switch location on 2.2 D4D engine


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Hi Everyone,

I got a new reverse switch for my corolla verso T180 but cannot find anywhere that gives the location in order to replace the faulty one. I took the airbox off etc. but couldn't see it down there. Should I be going in from underneath? Such a simple thing to change but for the tricky access. Any pointers in the right direction greatly appreciated.

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Yes, I can't find information anywhere either. Is there an exploded diagram of the engine/gearbox that would show the switch location? Is this something I would need to purchase?

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Thanks Flash that is very helpful, I already have the switch but used the part number you posted to search and found a company based in UAE that includes an exploded view of the gearbox highlighting the switch location, and yes shown to be in the end, 84210-52050 TOYOTA GENUINE SWITCH ASSY, BACK-UP LAMP 8421052050 – Mag Engines

The only references I found previously showed the switch in the top of the gearbox which explains why I couldn't see it. I think these were petrol verso's or non verso corollas.

So do I still go in from the top of the engine bay taking out airbox and Battery etc. Or from underneath?

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So I have fixed my reverse light issue by replacing the switch located in the gearbox.

1. jack up car and remove front left wheel

2. Remove 2 x self tappers and 1 plastic push fit from the plastic engine protection shield. (This was enough for me to move it aside)

3. Unplug electrical connector to the switch

4. Use a deepish 27mm socket to remove the switch and replace with a new one and new washer (should be included).

The photos should make the switch location (for D4D engines) clear. I inserted a wire into both poles of the electrical connector, to simulate a switch in the on/closed position and turned the ignition on to see the reverse light illuminate and verify that indeed the switch was faulty, before swapping out.

Hope this may be of help to someone else in the future

Back up switch location_LI.jpg

Back up switch location2_LI.jpg

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