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Barn find Corolla saying hello.


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Well, it was like a barn find to me. Probably the most un-exciting new member's car ever, but I love it. Just bought a 2005 Corolla, 1.4 D-4D and still can't believe my luck. 57000 miles on the clock, so only 60000 below average. FSH like I've never seen. Only one owner from new and every single intermediate and major service done at the same garage. The service book is a thing of beauty 😍

One year only 2k done. Condition is about as close to immaculate as you can get for a 16 year old car. I got an insight into the mind set of the previous owner when checking out the spare wheel. A stack of Post-It notes meticulously recording every single tyre pressure check 🤓 I feel like a great responsibility has been passed on to me.

Anyhow. £2500 from the garage that did all the services so I'm hoping I did alright.

Car forums are great resources so hope to be able to contribute if possible at all.

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Wow, nice find! The previous gen Corollas were great cars - Never thought the Auris that replaced it felt as good!

And with that engine you'll be able to drive to the moon and back on a tank of diesel! :laugh:

Look after it!! And make sure you use it; That engine doesn't like sitting around doing nothing! :naughty:


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Wow, cars like that come around one in a lifetime. Those d4d Diesel engines are bullit proof providing they have had regular service history, which yours has. They love long runs and are thrifty on juice. Enjoy the Toyota Corolla.

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