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where to purchase new parts - mk1 yaris subframe - for mot failure


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I'm wondering if anyone can tell me of anywhere I might be able to purchase a new front subframe for a 2001 yaris cdx?   It failed it's MOT due to this being badly corroded today.  I tried the toyota dealer but they never got back to me when they said they would which is always frustrating so if I can find a 3rd party that would be ace.  Google hasn't turned much up for me, but sometimes wee specialist places don't have the best web presence so maybe some of the expertise on this forum can point me in the right direction

We've had the car since it was about 6 months old and it's as reliable as can be,  so if I can keep it on the road another year I'd much prefer to do that than this be it's unsatisfactory ending!

Any advice much appreciated



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You will not get a brand new one if you could, it will be £400-800, more than that the car is worth imho

The front subframe is a big job if you're not doing it yourself  you can be looking at £4-600 in labour alone


Any pictures of the corrosion ?

What engine ?

Can you PM me your vin, so i can locate the correct part

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Hello Flash22.

I'm a bit stuck for a replacement front right inner wheel arch liner for my 20 Yaris.

I've tried eBay and other parts suppliers who advertise they have the part and when you ask them to confirm they admit they don't have the right one.

If you could help I would be very grateful.

With best regards,


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I'd try to get one off someone who's breaking a Yaris (search 'toyota yaris breaking' on eBay etc.). You won't get a new subframe for a mk1 at this point, but if it's got some surface rust then that should be ok. Wire brush it down, treat it with rust converter and paint before putting on the car. I don't know the differences between the subframes, but I'd get one from a car that's built in the same location and has the same engine as yours.

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NOS subframes are available but £640 plus vat, it's not so much the part ,it's the labour, the op's sub frame is holed not sure if it can be plated

It's a French built car, the only difference is between the petrol and diesel subframes

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The garage I use has sourced a subframe in reasonable shape, and is supplying and fitting that, and a rear wheel bearing,  for approx £350.    My yaris lives to fight another day 🙂

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