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P0400 EGR, Loosing Power


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Hello! I'm new to the forum, and first time fixing a Toyota.

Ive got a 2004 Rav 4 Diesel, that got the check engine light and loosing a lot of power. Error code said

P0400 Exhaust Gas Recirculation Flow Malfunction

Change out the EGR and deleted the codes but still missing a lot of power. (Check engine has not come back yet, but I'll drive more tomorrow)

Is there anything else connected to the EGR-fault that I should be looking at? Or something that may need a deep cleaning? (picture and pointers?)

I'm not familiar with these engines, so I would appreciate some Toyota-for-dummies-kind of pointers 🙂




J T E H G 20VX00054987




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Check engine light came back on. And still can't get above 3000rpm (climbing in 2.gear)

I believe it's safe to say the error code is the same


Any tips would be appreciated

Attaching a image, wondering if there should be a vacuum hose between these two?


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