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Avensis Tourer 2012 roof rails

Seamus OConnell

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Where can I buy roof rails for a 2012 Toyota Avensis Tourer?

I have just bought the car and I want to get roof rails for it. I want roof rails because roof bars secured across rails can be moved forward and back. You obviously can’t adjust the position of roof bars which are attached directly to the roof.

The car looks like it can take roof rails - there are four attaching points down each side - but I can’t find any roof rails for it on the web.
Also I am puzzled by the attaching points on the roof. The slots are of varying width - from front to back 4 cm, 14 cm, 13.5 cm, and 4 cm, and the layouts of the bolts and holes under the lids of the middle two slots are not the same as each other. I would have expected them to have identical fittings for a pair of identical roof bars.
Maybe there’s something I don’t understand about roof rails and bars. My previous car, a Mazda 6 Estate, came with roof rails and I bought detachable Thule roof bars to go on top of them.
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I have the genuine roof bars. I bought from eBay second hand and replaced the plastic locks with Thule locks.

When I was checking the car for options I never have seen rails as an option, including Thule, Toyota or after market offering from trailer and roof bar specialists.

The Toyota ones bolt straight to the mounting points, there is a downloadable pdf from Toyota with fitting instructions, the rear covers are not used and I dont know what they could be used for.

I hope this helps but i fear not.



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