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Driver's door mirror clipped !!


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Daughter just faced timed me, she was in a shop for 5 minutes, came out and the drivers mirror housing was pushed all the way forwards and the glass mirror part was hanging by the wire.

The glass is cracked, so will need replaced, the mirror housing looks undamaged from what I can see.

I tried to get her to clip it back in, but she couldn't.

Is there a "nack" to doing this and can I explain to her how to do it ? As she lives 1.5 hours away and I want her to at least be able to use it and I can have a better look at it when she comes home on Tuesday, failing that, I'll just get her to tape it on for now.

Has anyone got the part number of the replacement mirror ? I guess it will be the glass part and the black plastic housing on the back and any idea of price (I'll look at Aygos on eBay that are being broken up).





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I did find this on youtube, I've sent it to her to see if she can give it a go, I've told her to connect the wire first !!


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