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Adding sat nav to my Auris


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I recently bought a 2018 Auris tourer Hybrid in Portugal with just 30,000km. 

When I ordered it, it was sitting in Lisbon and I am on the Algarve, so it had to be transported down. Toyota here in Faro were brilliant and lent me a Courtesy Corolla Hybrid for the interim period.This Corolla was the first Hybrid I have driven, and although I own a 2018 Toyota Corolla 1.4 diesel in another country, this Corolla felt like a totally different vehicle, and more solid, smoother, quieter of course, and in every way a superior vehicle.

So, when my Auris finally arrived and I picked it up, I have to say, it wasn't quite the same. The instrument display is less user friendly, I don't think it is as smooth or quiet on the road and the one thing that really annoyed me, was the Auris has no satnav, which I need as I am unfamiliar with the area. There is a 'map' button on the display, but, nothing happens when it is pressed and the sales lady said it is not standard in the Auris.

So, my question is, can I acquire the satnav software? From where etc.

Thanks again in advance.



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Not just software. On the Auris Touch 2 multimedia system the sat nav was an additional module (called Go, etc) that fits onto the rear of the multimedia unit. Plus there will be the GPS antenna. Fitting a new unit via Toyota will be expensive. You may be able to source a used unit via eBay or similar, but you need to be sure it is complete. 

Aside from that, map updates are relatively expensive.

You may be better off getting a good quality stand alone unit - Garmin, TomTom, etc - with lifetime updates. Remember though that the manufacturer determines what 'lifetime' is.

As regards the difference between the Corolla and the Auris - the Auris dates from 2012, so won't be the same as the Corolla, which dates from 2019.


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You also have the option of 3rd party unit, but even though these mostly work with steering wheel controls, you will lose some functions related to hybrid part of the car, some display, info and stuff like that. These 3rd party units often also have access to Android apps, so you can install multiple navigation options, or other stuff. They also have stuff like Android auto, so you can mirror your phone screen to it, or share your phone internet connection with it, making it basically like a internet connected tabled.

Or as said in post above, you can try a 2nd hand unit to get it working, and map updates are expensive, but then again roads are not built overnight.

One thing to consider is, if the Toyota navigation is connected to internet, via your phone sharing the connection to update maps with roadworks, closure, accidents, etc.

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I had a 209 Prius gen3 car with a satnav. Software so out of date and it would have cost me £200 for an update. No way was I paying that.   I then got a Prius gen4 with up to date satnav. It works but I wouldnt say it was fantastic, now it is outside the 3 year free map up date I dont update.   I do have a tomto with free updates for life (updates for life means for the life of the compatability of the device software/hardware to be able to cope with upgrades).  I dont now bother with that.  I now use my mobile phone with free satnav and updates, my favourite is Waze, owned by Google, or google own satnav. TomTom do a satnav for mobile phones and the cost is not expensive.  Using a mobile phone sat nav is no problem......I always have my mobile phone with me, and for security I can effetively take the satnav out of the car because the phone is always with me.

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