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Main Dealer Car Tax Renewal Confusion.


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Bought a new Yaris from Vantage Toyota Leeds in October 2019. Traded in my 64 Yaris.

Last September I received a car tax renewal form V11 for my present car. Fine. But enclosed was another V11 form for the previous 64 Yaris addresed to me. Visited dealer to ask what was going on. Got the reply that they will sort it out and send the V11 to the owner of the 64 Yaris so they can pay the tax. 

Today I recieved my V11, and suprise suprise another V11 for the 64 Yaris. Are they complete idiots at Vantage or is it me. Surely its up to them to notify D.V.L.A of the change of owner. Intend going to see them on Monday but would welcome any advice as to what to say or do. Thanks.

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Third page of the V5C, Section 9, the yellow section is what you and Vantage fill in, but the onus is on the registered keeper, you, to forward to DVLA. Check out the V5C for your new Yaris.

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well you need to speak to the dvla it may just be an error as it not being register or taxed for 2 year is odd - unless it's been written off and scrapped for parts, if a dealer sells a car it is registered by the dealer when a dealer buys in a px it is then registered as "in Trade" the DVLA will have a record of this

check the MOT and tax status online




Make sure it's out of your name


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Last time I traded a car in at a main dealer, they did the transfer of ownership for my old vehicle on there computer in front of me & provided a printed receipt. 

I had a confirmation letter from DVLA within 7 days saying I was no longer responsible for the vehicle.


You should have received a letter from the DVLA saying you where no longer responsible for your old vehicle once the DVLA have been notified of the transfer of ownership.

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