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The Hydrogen infrastructure still sucks!

Kenneth Green

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I leased my Apple Color Emoji', 'Segoe UI Emoji', 'Segoe UI Symbol';">Mirai in July 2019.  Please add my name to the growing list of Mirai owners who are angry and irate about the unpredictable and clearly undependable hydrogen refueling infrastructure in California.   On almost any given day in September 2021, full half - and often far more - of the hydrogen refueling stations in the state listed on the Hygo app were not fully operational.  Moreover, based on the Hygo app data, many of the offline stations actually had fuel.  

I've been tracking the Hygo app data for the past six weeks.   The numbers for Sept 28th reflect the problem:

  1.   Less than a fifth (18 of  52/19%) of the working CA refueling stations posting to the Hygo app were GREEN - meaning fully operational/online;
  2.   More than half of the CA refueling stations  - 28 sites / 54 % - were RED (offline) on the Hygo app; and
  3.   Fully three-fifths (17 of 28 or 60%) of the RED/offline stations had 30 kg or more of hydrogen fuel.

As of this morning (Sat, Oct 9 @ 8:33 am), only 21 of the 52 operational refueling stations in CA are online (GREEN);  29 are offline and 17 of the offline (RED) sites have at least 20 kg hyrdrogen.  Moreover, some of the offline venues have significant fuel on-site according to the Hygo app:  Concord - 742 kg; Oakland - 302 kg; Placentia - 472 kg; Studio City - 492 kg; and Sunnyvale - 293 kg.  

Toyota's explanations and apologies notwithstanding, these numbers document that the refueling issues we all experience not just about supply.  There is a real problem in the reliability of the refueling sites.  And although Toyota does not own or manage these sites, it does have an obligation to help fix this continuing problem for Mirai owners.

Like many, I'm mad as hell.  The unreliable refueling infrastructure (coupled with the disappointing "real driving range" on my 2019 Mirai - just 212 miles) makes it almost impossible me to plan for short day trips of 75 or 100 miles from my home in Studio CIty to Santa Barbara or Laguna Beach.  And there is just NO WAY I could consider using my Miria for the 120 mile drive to Palm Springs or San Diego, as a refueling site that might have been online when I left could very likely be offline when I would need to refuel for the return trip home.  

ARE YOU LISTENING, TOYOTA?  Attention must be paid.  I want out of this car.

Kenneth Green  •   Studio City, CA   •    cgreen@campuscomputing.net


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Hi Kenneth, welcome to TOC. 🙂

You should be aware that :

a) this site has no official relationship with Toyota

b) it is based in the UK & the members are virtually all European.


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You should be directing your grievances to Toyota USA.

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