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Footlight Loom Diagram for Yaris Excel Mk4


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Hello there,

Hope you are all safe and well.

I started a project to add foot ambiance lights to the driver side, passenger side and middle console and after buying four sets of lights 12v LED bulbs to LED strips i hit a blocker.  I tested each light with a 9v Battery and they appear to be working fine and bright.  When i connect them to the foot loom wires they are 50% less bright.  After some troubleshooting (thanks for Grompix who was instrumental in helping me) it appears the footlight loom voltage is only 7.33v (should be 12v).  I tested this by connecting a spare LED Strip, one end to the door earth and the other end to the footlight loom and bingo got 12v and the LED were 100% bright 🙂.  So, it appears the footlight loom has some sort of short-circuit or the loom voltage has been reduced (not sure why).  To troubleshoot this i need to follow all the earth wires for the three looms (driver, passenger and center console) therefore was wondering if anyone has the loom diagram that i can follow to help find the root cause.  Any help as usual would be most apricated, as i am sure this short-circuit (if it is that) must be draining the Battery and causing it to constantly keep charging.  

Thank you in advance.  

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The grounds are controlled by b-ecu (bcm) and/or cluster and act the same as the interior lighting as with most lighting it's ground side controlled and hot all the times - you don't have a fault

as such, the system can dim the lighting hence the lower voltage turn the lights off and check, then check with the dipped beam and main beam

you will need to work out the resistance of the LED's and their current draw if they are parallel/series and/or both, taking a voltage reading you will need to do that with a load, the factory leds are single plcc2 type with a defused lens circa 25-30ma forward current, 2.7-3.4v (blue) slightly under driven

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Thanks Bob, and yes you are quite right in pointing out that the grounds are controlled and the system dim the lighting (when dipped/main lights are on) hence the lower voltage (and voltage variation).  I have ordered the correct lights from Japan as suggested in the previous post by Devon Aygo using part number 81080-33280.  hopefully that should fix it.  Glad it isn't a grounding problem 🙂  as that would have drive me mad.  Thanks once again for your help.  

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