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2006 corolla verso key/fob registering failing

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Hi all,

I own a 2006 toyota corolla verso ZNR10(W) version with a start button.

My wife left her key (remote) in her jacket in the washing machine :rolleyes:

After opening it up, drying and replacing the Battery i noticed the light on the remote kept blinking when i push a button, and i found out it didn't work opening or closing the doors.

After a bit of research on the internet i found out jou can program keys (max of 4 remotes) i tryed to add my wifes remote again but that did not work.

After that i found out there are several (programs to run)


1 add key.

2 remove all keys and add the one using.

3 how many registerd keys.


5 remove all

To run program there are several steps to follow


1 open driver door

2 insert and remove key (remote/fob) 2 times in 5 sec.

3 close and open door twice in 40 sec.

4 insert and remove key once.

5 close and open door twice in 40 sec.

6 insert key and close door.

Then to select program cycle tru power on with start button 1 time (press start 3 times) to start program 1.

Romoved key (car locks and unlocks 1 time, confirming its running program 1) after unlocking pushed both buttons on remote for 5 sec than only the lock button for 5 sec, no succes when testing.

Steps 1-6 allways the same to select other program.

Cycle 2 times for program 2, 3 times for 3 and so on.

What i allready tryed:

Only add wifes key (program 1)

Program 2

Then program 5 (removing all)

Run program 1 with my own key (with succes) adding my key.

Again tryed to add wifes key (no succes)

Again program 5 and then 1.

Then i runned program 3 (ask how many registerd keys) car responded with locking and unlocking 5 times (this time the locking clicks took longer)

I think this means there are 2 keys registerd? Can anyone confirm or decline this?

Now my questions:

Is there another thing i can try (am i doing something wrong)

Is my wifes remote broken and cant be registerd anymore?

If so, where can you buy a new mainboard for the remote (433mhz) ?

And if i buy that will i be able to register that new remote to the car without the need of plugging in special OBD tool to the car?


Hope it is clear what happend and what has been tryed allready.

Kind regards,


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