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White smoke thank you


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Hope this helps somebody, first of all thanks, I saw a very old post concerning white smoke, which cured mine. First of all I have a 2008 Rav4 td180,  it smoked as soon as I got it, unfortunately I had just arrived in France so risked it, after changing injectors, egr valve, cleaning mat sensor, middle box on exhaust cleaned, additive added, air filter they all failed, I am not mechanically minded at all, but after reading previous thread I thought I would try it, I changed the oil and filter, putting in what Toyota recommended, and no smoke. After a few months I noticed oil level on dipstick was low, so I topped it up to correct level, smoke came back, so I then dropped out the extra oil that I had put in and it cleared again, but if you were to look at dipstick, its low! As i said completely not mechanical at all, but it worked on mine. So thanks to whomever posted original post

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