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Corolla TS Icon Tech MY21?

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I bought a "new" Corolla TS Icon Tech 1.8 in early 2021.  It was already in stock at the dealer.  The dealer was very vague on specs (and just about everything in fact!) but in any case I could see the car - I knew what I was getting.  I'm happy with it generally but just out of curiosity I wanted to check it was actually MY21.  Not that it really matters, I guess, unless I try to sell it ...

Can anyone tell me a key difference that I could check?

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Most dealers are only interested in when it was first registered. Have a look at:


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Thanks - that looks like what I need.


Icon Tech models gain LED fog lights


New MY21 features for all Models:

  • RDE2 Compliance gaining GPF Gasoline particulate filter
  • AVAS Acoustic vehicle alert system 
  • EV Drive indicator
  • Connected car / MYT functionality upgrades including Tracker, Remote Status & e-care.

But I'm so clueless, I don't really know if I have those things 😀

It has front fog lights.  Not sure if they are LED. 

It does have an "EV Drive" indicator on the display.

The MyT app does say where the car is, and shows if the doors are locked.  Don't know what e-care is ...

So I think that means it's MY21.


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