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Aygo (Auto) Air Rushing Sound Alongside Revs

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Hi all, 

I recently had an anti-roll bar changed on my Aygo (along with a N/S/F thermal shield). Immediately when I started the car, I noticed a sound similar to the a/c on full blast coming from the left hand side of the engine bay whilst sat in the driver’s seat. It quietened down when I started driving, but as soon as I accelerate and hear the transmission kick in, the sound gets louder. It disappears when the gear changes and the revs reduce. 

I took a look in the engine bay once I got home, checked to see if the noise was from the steering, if there were any loose components etc. It is definitely prominent when power is applied to the accelerator. Unfortunately I couldn’t see anything out of place - though I might have missed it! 

The noise wasn’t there prior to the work done, so I’m wondering if they’ve moved components in order to carry out the work but not reinstalled something 100% correct? 

I’ll try and upload this noise to YouTube when I get back from work and post the link here. 

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!!

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