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BZ4X - Size Impressions for tall drivers


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First time here, long time Toyota owner. Our now 2nd car is an 2014 Auris

I am very tall (7ft/2.10m) and my wife is reasonably tall with 6ft. The Auris has been a very good car for us, but with my daughter getting bigger we're pushing the car space wise. Specifically on the for us rarer long journeys. 

Our next car was always going to be an EV and being honest my first choice was the Enyaq - mainly due to its interior space.  But with 1-2 year lead times out of the running and we been looking for a year or so. Dont like the look of the Kia/Hyundai - didnt try them. Been waiting on the BZ4X and an opportunity to test sit and drive. Quick note, in case anyone is interested. I attended the Nissan Ariya launch event a month or so ago and couldnt not fit. Quite disappointing how small it was inside for a car that size. 

Attended the BZ4X launch event yesterday and was able to test the car for 30-40min. I am happy to say I was comfortably seated. If I could, I would have liked maybe another cm or two on the steering wheel adjustment, but overall really pleased. Version without sun roof - version with sun roof head space is an issue. Here is the kicker - my wife got herself positioned comfortably with her 6ft height and i was able to sit behind her and still had at 10-15cm space in front of my knees. Unreal. The space, especially in the 2nd row has to be seen. 

Anyways, placed an order then and there and we're due to receive the car some point July. Happy Days!


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We’re was the launch event? Can’t find any details from Toyota or my dealer on any events. 

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We had registered through the corporate website (no money down) and then got called mid week from my local dealer. Per info, yesterday was UK wide launch. We were at the St.Ives Cambridgeshire dealer and they have 2 models. Display unit in high end trim with 20" wheels and sun roof and the Motion trim with 18" wheels and without sun roof for test driving

If you check with your dealer tomorrow you should be able to test drive one pretty quickly

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