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2003 corolla auto p0770 fault

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Hi all,


i'm mainly on the yaris forum so not many posts here!

My wife has a 1.6 2003 auto Corolla.  Recently had the check engine light come on and a scan reveals the code p0770 solenoid E.  

I changed the fluid about 2 years back, although just drained it as opposed to pumping it out of the torque converter.  You can hear that it is not able to lock into direct drive on a run although the revs still appear normal and the mpg hasn't been affected.  Just looked at the fluid and it looks slightly brown, but i assume that this is because its mixed with some of the old fluid that i could get out last time.

Any pointers or suggestions to resolve?  If the solenoid is indeed at fault, it this simple to diagnose and rectify?  I've never really gone into an auto box much other than fluid change (and filters on older cars)

Many thanks


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changed the transmission fluid and filter today.  Cleaned the sump and magnet - nothing really there thankfully! Used Chempioil 3309 ATF and Blue Spot filter.  The original looked like it clicked into place, the replacement didn't but still sat flush. 3 litres added in total, this brought the level to the cold mark on the dipstick.  Warmed the car and it came to just under the warm mark.  Gear shifting seems very smooth now with almost no drag.  Cleared the fault code and took it for a short drive.  So far so good, no faults and no leaks. Will update accordingly.












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Well this fault has reappeared again so i guess it must be a fault with the shift solenoid.  Is there any diagram showing the location of the solenoid, plus any things to watch out for?

Many thanks

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