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Buying a new car - 2005 Corolla vs. 2010 Aygo

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I am buying my first car. Use will only be for driving back and forth from work, around 7 miles per day. However, I live in Norway and it may get quite cold where I'll be staying (around -15 celcius when at the coldest). Looking for something reliable and functional, that will have the lowest probability of giving me any problems. Space is not a big factor for me. Planning on keeping this car for about 2 years before I'll probably need something bigger.

So my candidates are:

A 2005 Corolla 1.4 VVT-i having run 61 500 miles

A 2010 Aygo 1.0-68 having run 53 000 miles

Both candidates have followed recommended service intervals. They go around the same price. There is an obvious year gap and slight difference on miles. Is there any reason for choosing the older Corolla over the Aygo when it comes to this type of use? 

Thank you,

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