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Private Plates - Remove Front & Rear Licence plates


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I got my partner a set of private plates and before I go through the final steps of assigning them onto the car..

Can anyone give any instructions or tips on removing the inner trim on the boot door.
The plate screws do not come undone and it would appear they have the huts on the back of the plastic bolt. So maybe I need to get behind the trim to ease them out.

The fronts  appear to be screwed in and came out easily.


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They are captive nuts, nothing on the back to hold. Sometimes the threads get stripped easily on those plastic bolts, you should be able to drill them out easily, or break the heads off and stick the plate to the rear panel with 3M double sided tape. 

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Yeah those nylon numberplate screws can be a right PITA to get out.

The head just twisted off mine when I tried to just unscrew it, and I had to resort to using some pliers to twist and untwist it a bit repeatedly to slowly get it to unscrew.


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