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Injector Seized


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I recently got a P1238 on my Rav4 which is an injector error. Feedback values were showing cyl4 injector feedback of 5 so I went on and took off the top cover just to find blowby on cyl4.

bought new seals, orings, oil seal in preparation. Took out inj4 however it was so dirty that I decided to take it at a local injector cleaning shop. But instead of taking only the problematic one I made the mistake to consider taking all 4 of them. Cyl3 and 2 also came out without issues but Cyl1 is dead stuck.

I used a 16mm socket on the input flange and a 22mm on top connected with two 1/2” long extensions. Scary as it sounds the injector can turn almost 1/4 of a turn with A LOT of force.

Can anyone give me some tips on how to take it out? Its very difficult to pry it due to it being close to the camshaft sprockets. Would it be viable removing the injector solenoid and use a slide hammer on that fine thread to try and pull it out?

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