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Humming high pitched noise turning right


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So all of a sudden my 2010 avensis tr started making a humming whining noise like metal on metal rubbing noise when turning right goes away when I straighten the car up

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Worn or damaged wheel bearing? I've had this on  a Prius at around 100,000 miles. Symptoms sound very similar.

It might be something caught between brake disc and the thin metal plate behind it. However, this tends to be noisier and changes between forward and reverse, rather than with change of direction.

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Have had various vehicles where I've experienced humming type noises coming from a wheel when cornering. It's almost always a wheel bearing that's complaining, the longer it's left the noisier it will get but having said that a wheel bearing that's just started humming is unlike to fail totally rapidly. More usual I would say for the front bearings to be suspect than the rear as they cope with greater forces.

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