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Avensis T25 D-Cat Various issues


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Hello! I am from Norway, but language shouldnt be an issue!

I am looking for tips etc for the regular issues. It is a car  that has done 250 000km, but i conchither my car a learning project,  so its not really a junk it option for me. I am looking for some guidance on how to determine faulty injectors and cold start issues. The cold start im fairly  certain  is  glow plugs.

Would i be correct to assume that jerking and occational  white puffs would be a stuck injector?

Sofar, ive changed one injector  from horrible return values, and replaced injector seals on all 4 cylinders. This was from obvious leaks. SVC valve is replaced, fuel filter is replaced and EGR valve  has been cleaned.

I do have access to China diagnostics.

What should i look for?

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