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Technical failures on the aygoX : navigation


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New topic.. 

Always nice to know what people had going wrong on their aygoX already.

My first malfunction occurred today at -4 °C.

No more navigation on the big screen multimedia system.

When I press the button, the navigation doesn't start at all.

One time it started but then went back to main screen after a few seconds.

I regularly see the unit / screen restarting but the radio continues working.

This makes me think the multimedia is built with separate modules and maybe the navigation module has broken..

Or maybe when it's a few degrees warmer, it will work again ?

Anyway... it should work always. Not just above 5° C or something.

Could still use the android navigation via phone and waze...

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It's the newest one, model, version by the way.

No idea what brand it really is (JBL ?) and if it has given many problems in other toyota models.

Below image just for illustrational purpose. My car is a left hand drive.

Screenshot_20240112_202712_Samsung Internet.jpg

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Can you post a picture of the installed software version?

Press set up cog > System > Software update

Also top right of the screen is a Cloud symbol with text or symbol what is shown? As this headunit does not contain Navigation maps the maps are all OTA  and requires a Data connection to provide navigation, is your car connected to MyT and are all the Connected services/subscriptions active? 

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All services / subscriptions active.




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Is still interrupting, screen restarting and radio remains on.

Also dropped out on android Waze and then refused to start it up again. Screen restarts but button gives no reaction. Same as for built in navigation but there it's permanently "out". Android auto works again after restarting the unit.

If I really need to use GPS to go somewhere, I got the old tomtom out again until my dealer has time to see me.

Radio works fine. That is something positive.

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An other strange thing is that I CAN use the MUTE button in the left down corner sometimes ... And sometimes it doesn't react at all..

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Garage suggested a "back to factory settings".   Now I have other problems.

They were willing enough and asked if I needed help with adding my phone to the MM. but I can do that myself.

Actually, the wireless android auto didn't work since about when I bought the car. Now it works  !   💪 

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Still ongoing problem. 

Wireless android stopped after a few days. Problems to connect to my profile so it always connects as GUEST.

Device restarted once and connection with the phone interrupted several times (Waze) on a 30 miles trip.

I thought I could maybe check the cable and try an other one. See if that does something.

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I would say that the infotainment system in my Aygo X Exclusive "behaves" itself about 95% of the time.

When it is behaving, I think it's pretty good.  I especially like it when it's at its best and not only wirelessly connects but also opens Google Maps without me doing anything at all.

On some occasions it will throw it's toys out the pram and sort of freeze, what I mean by that is, the functions for maps just sits there, but the voice on Google maps still works and the radio etc is fine.  The only way to get it fully working again, is to power the car off and then on.  This happens VERY rarely and has not happened for a long time.

I also noticed that when playing the DAB radio, it doesn't show the stations actual logo, it just states Radio 2 or Smooth Country etc.  Maybe this is just because the signal is not strong enough !!.  But I know it works because I've seen it working correctly before.

But overall, I like the unit.  And the wireless charging pad actually also charges the phone as it should when using something like Google maps wirelessly.  There must have been an update or something, because when I first got the car, the charging power did not keep up with the phones usage.  However, I did change phones at that time from a Samsung Galaxy S23 to a Google Pixel 8, so maybe it depends on the actual phone and the actual wireless charging pad is fine 

Clearly not the best on the market as far as built in manufacturers infotainment systems, but I've seen worse.

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