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Delivery Times

Grey Ostrich

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Hi everyone,

I was wondering if you give me some perspective on an issue I am having with my Yaris Cross order.

I ordered back in November and this show up on the Toyota App - However this still shows as order pending. My Dealer assured me that this was not the case and that it has been made and is sitting in port (I presume Grimsby) awaiting delivery.

I was originally told March 5th by dealer, which then slipped to the 27th and now has slipped to "April" sometime. They then said I could continue to wait or look at something on their lot, if I wanted to change/cancel my order. This got me a little worried as it kind of suggests that they have no idea when it will arrive (Or alternatively they make higher margins on used and want to shift those?). The dealers are saying there is a delay in deliveries from the port which I presume is nationwide?

Can anyone suggest a course of action other than sit tight and wait it out?

Thanks in advance

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Hi G, Had a Yaris Cross delivered at the beginning of February that Id been given an original time of end of December but it never showed up on the Toyota App until it arrived at the dealers. To be fair the salesman kept me uptodate but the app didn't tell me anything apart from processing order. If you don't need a new motor just yet Id wait it out. I think on average the order to delivery takes about 5 months.

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My friend’s Yaris Excel was ordered on 25/1 with expected delivery on 26/4.  It was ready for delivery on the 13/3 although we didn’t collect it until last week.  The app said processing order until after it was at the dealer when it skipped to arrived at dealer!

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All i can say is there is no delay from vehicles arriving at Port to arriving at dealers.

Usually 5 to 7 days so that lie from the dealer would worry me.

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Thanks everyone - still a bit puzzled. If this was a genuine delivery issue I would of expected more people complaining about this on places like this but cannot think of a reason why this would happen to one specific dealer.

Has anyone had any luck following things up direct with toyota?

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