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Can I get the Toyota Proace warranty up to 10y country-wide?


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I'm from UK and I'm planning to buy a 2020-2021 Proace panel van medium.

As all the Vans, they are always used for work, the ones I'm looking at have 45-65k miles, and I wonder if I can extend the warranty up to 10y.

From the Toyota website, I understood that I can, but I'm in the middle of something, I need to relocate far away in 6-12 months and finding the right Van is an absolute nightmare.

So, I want to take this one, extend the warranty from a local dealer (I can't do it online) and then eventually make claims in the official dealer of the new city.

I won't buy from their approved used scheme, it's a third party dealer and the Van has been serviced by an approved dealer, but not official dealer, it seems possible also in this case to enroll the 10y warranty.

The questions are:

1. Will Toyota recognize the warranty country-wide in their official dealers? (Just in case I need to clam the warranty in some other city, I may move again)

I'm planning to service the Van always in the official dealers, which is also by the warranty requirements, I think it should be fine but please let me know if I didn't spot something.

2. Do you know how much it costs roughly?

3. Do I need to enroll the extra warranty or it's automatically enrolled as long as I service the car from them?

Have a nice day.

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The service activated warranty will not start with your third party service, it will have to be serviced at a Toyota dealer in order to activate it

1: Yes

2: The warranty is free, you just have to have the correct service at the Toyota dealer

3: It automatically gets registered when serviced at a Toyota dealer


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I bought a ‘21 year proace last year. It was a private sale and like a couple of others I saw, hadn’t been used for work. It had been serviced once by Toyota in Scotland. After a couple of months I had an adblue sensor problem. Toyota Exeter sorted it and a couple of minor problems with no fuss. I’m hoping to have a new Battery fitted next Tuesday as the original has almost failed, a month before it’s 3 years old. Perhaps needless to say, I will always be getting it main dealer serviced, with 7 years to go! Good luck with your purchase.

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