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Toyota Avensis T25 ABS, VSC and TRC off lights


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Hey there,

Hope you're doing well! I wanted to share a bit about my ongoing journey with my trusty Toyota Avensis. It's been quite the ride, with its fair share of highs and, of course, a few bumps along the road. You see, my Avensis seems to be trying to communicate with me, but there's this pesky language barrier that we're working through together.

Just recently, those dashboard lights ABS, VSC, and TRC off decided to throw a party on my dashboard, prompting me to dig a little deeper into what might be causing the commotion. So, I hooked up the scanner to my car and lo and behold, it gave me a diagnostic message that pointed to an issue with the right wheel speed sensor circuit. It's been causing a bit of a headache, to say the least. So, I did what any responsible car owner would do I reached out to Mr. T and their team for some advice. They suggested that the problem might lie with either the ABS sensor or a problematic ring.

In my quest to get my Avensis back in tip-top shape, I've taken some proactive steps. I've swapped out the brake discs and pads. I've also replaced the ABS sensor, thinking it might be the key to unlocking the mystery. And of course, I've meticulously inspected the ABS-ring, making sure it's holding up its end of the bargain. (it does look okay)

Yet, despite all my efforts, the problem persists. 


Does anyone know what the problem may be? Or should i give her to a mechanic

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Had you replaced the correct Speed sensor? Also had you reset or to clear the fault after replacing the sensor,?

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Hi Sebastian,even though you replaced the sensor itself, there could be a problem with the wiring harness that transmits the signal, or a faulty connection between the sensor and the wiring.

this is a possibility as you have already replaced the sensor and inspected the ABS ring, eliminating those as the source of the problem.

The diagnostic message pointed towards an issue with the circuit itself, suggesting the problem goes beyond just the sensor. Clean the sensor connector of any dirt or corrosion on the connector as this can disrupt the signal.Inspect the wiring harness and look for any visible cuts, breaks, or damage in the wires leading to the sensor.Hope this helps. :smile:

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I found getting the tracking done fixed it if was not the sensor.


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