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Toyota Avensis 2.0 D-4D | 2018 | 300 000 km | 186 000 miles


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what are the common issues with this model & engine? I heard about the injectors but not sure whether the 2018 model still has the problems.
Its quite high mileage, was used by a sales representative and serviced in Toyota. 

Should I consider to buy this? 


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Hi Simon, whilst Toyotas are reliable cars, a vehicle with this high mileage does need some consideration before buying.The diesel particulate filter (DPF) can clog up on frequent short trips,common for sales reps. A clogged DPF can cause warning lights and could need a dealers intervention.

EGR Valve can clog, leading to a check engine light, rough idling, and decreased performance.So check that regular servicing has been carried out.Posts have mentioned the Infotainment System isn't the most user friendly, and the sat nav may be a bit quirky. Software updates have helped with a few to resolve this.Toyota engines are known to last, but a documented service history is important.

Injector issues were more common in earlier models. But there's less information on widespread injector issues specifically for the 2018 model.Sales reps tend to make a lot of short trips, which can be rougher on start stop systems in diesel engines. Ask about DPF health and any related service history. IMO I would get a mechanic to thoroughly inspect the car, paying attention to potential issues related to start stop and short trip use. Take a good look through the service records for regular servicing and address any repairs related to common issues, as mentioned above especially DPF cleaning or replacements.

The Avensis can be a good buy, but be cautious especially given its past use.A mechanic's inspection, and an awareness of potential start stop system wear are important. If everything checks out, it could still be a reliable and fuel efficient car.

I would also look at other Avensis with perhaps lower milage. Hope this helps and i am sure others will give their opinions.:smile:

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