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Electrified with my 4th Yota


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Just received my 4th yota - after an LJ70-2.4TD and a VX100-V8-LE with an HJ60-4.0D as the additional fun I am now with a bZ4X-AWD. In spite of all the beatings it took in the media, I opted for leasing one after the model was somewhat loosened for the harder parts of its range limitations

In DK the price of vehicles in general are ridiciously high, so for most persons able to afford the entry price tag an EV is the cheaper and more comfy option. What's not to like, btw - at least now I am fully into it 🥳

We traded in the wifes second Yaris for a yet another E320CDI a few years ago as she took mine into possession and the hundy' was not up for being a DD anymore (emissions and fuel costs, 24yo)

They all however went out recently as I felt I was sponsering my mech, road taxes and the oil industry more than needed, and could get two bZ's running for the same costs or less

So far, I'm happy. Memory seats would be nice when sharing a car, though, and while very nice and comfy the suspension is not quite at the level of adaptive air-suspension of MB (or the originals of the hundy'), the tailgate is electric but the cover inside is not raising with it, and the capacity of the boot is just enough for the small cage (yaris-sized) for the dog when dismounting the boot-cover, only 1cm free to the window when boot is closed

But it drives very nice, seating is very nice, and power-consumption-pricing is almost ignorable compared to where we came from, in particular when home-charging (95% of time)

I am so happy about it that I am exploring options for a cc of the same kind. Or - depending on how that goes - even considering to buy another bZ4X as a price cut (second one within a year) may be coming shortly (they had such another one in SE and D already). Yeah, I know I'll have to practically deduct it to zero immediately after buying but I may be happy enough with it to run it down to that point anyway. But we'll see how options evolve

Happy cruising out there - pleased to exchange insights or just be listening in to learn more of this new world of EV usage


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Hello Henrik - welcome to Toyota Owners Club.

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In the mean time, Toyota did not lower prices much in DK, but they offer 0% interest for financing the bz. So I just ordered another prestige, this time with the design option for no extra cost 

All eggs in the same basket then - but I do like the drive 🤠

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