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Clutch release lever arm

Benn Sallis

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Hi all, is there any chance anyone might know why my clutch release lever arm doesnt allow me to push the clutch pedal down ? 

However when I lift this lever arm vertically on the external part of the gear box, it feels like it "clicks" into to somewhere then the clutch pedal moves as it should do. 

But then driving along this lever must drop again and it doesnt allow me to push the clutch pedal down it goes soild again. 

Its like I need to find someway of getting this lever arm to stay "up" all the time. 

Aygo 1.0, 2015 petrol. Car has only done 56k miles. 

Any help would be gratful. 


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Hi Benn,the problem you described suggests an issue with the clutch release mechanism. When manually lifting the lever arm, it engages properly, indicating potential wear or problems in components like the release bearing, clutch linkage, or hydraulic system. Unless someone has a more diffinitive answer, I would book it into a garage so they can inspect and repair the clutch system if needed.Hope this helps.:smile:

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Hi, thanka fpr taking the time to reply. 👍

I am thinking that a trip to the garage might be my only option, or consider taking the gearbox out myself. 🤔

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The Aygo uses a cable clutch with a traditional clutch fork and release bearing

31247-0H012 is a mk 1 release arm

31247-0H020 is for the mk2 14-18


you are pulling the gearbox to get to the fork, while you are in there do a clutch kit (LUK), the shaft may be fine and it's just a worn spacer/bushing






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Thanks Flash22. 

The exploded diagram is a massive help. 

Whilst I am.no expert on gearboxes it does feel like a worn bearing/bush, so nice to hear someone share the same thoughts. 


I am thinking this weekend the gearbox needs to come out to see what the problem is.  Whilst Im there, I will consider changing the cluth at the same time. 


thanks again. 

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