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Parts for Gen4 availability


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Still waiting to see the new Prius, will it ever arrive in UK?

My 2016 needed a new wiper blade, luckily I carry a set of spares as the Gulls here have a liking for them.  Tried to order a set  of front. 28" fine but 16" unavaible from Toyota Direct. The 16" Opti Flat for the C-HR looks identical but toyota say it is not compatible. Anybody tried the Bosch Aero?  Over £40 for a set of geniuine Toyota Wiper Blades (that can result in an MOT failure ) is bad enough but not available after only 7 years  is does not inspire confidence.

This is my fourth Toyota Hybrid and I love it.  I have always been an earliy adopter, but the Gen3 and Auris TS were not to my liking. The Gen 5 looks good but the devil is in the detail so I need to see and drive this one before I decide.  Why put 19" wheels on a Hybrid i have never regreted 15" on my Gen 4 and wheel size on my  Auris TS was the deciding factor to change it.

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FWIW, I never buy OEM wipers.  Just go to a good auto parts store close to you.  I just buy the wiper inserts and change them myself, but the auto parts store might do that for you for free if that is more your thing.  I also never buy Wiper Blades (i. e. the whole shemozzle) only the wiper inserts. If the Gen 4 is similar to the Gen 2, you will need one wiper with an 8 mm back (FR), one with a 6 mm back, and another one with a 6 mm back but a shorter length for the rear, if the Gen 4 has a rear wiper.  I get universals for the front (has two wipers) and cut them to length.  I also buy a universal for the rear, but it is shorter to start off with than the 6 mm one I get for the front.

On pricing, wiper inserts went up ridiculously a few years ago.  I used to be able to get the two-pack and the single blade for about NZ$30 (~£15), but now the two-pack is about NZ$60 (~£30) and the single is about NZ$15 (~£7.50).  As I said ridiculous!

I hope that helps.

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Wipers Denso hybrid are exactly the same as original Toyota and the best one for these cars. They are available to buy from Eurocarparts, carparts4less  or Opie Oils or other online vendors. 

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Managed to order a set but not from Toyota online.  Mine are the flat Omnifit.  They last well if gulls dont get to them but are expensive. The old multifits were easy by these are not easy to source in sets.  Cannot see the point in buying singles as if one goes the other soon follows.

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