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Dead DA and dead battery


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a low batterry and falling current capacity of the Battery will make the electronics freak out and cause modules to turn on - current draw should drop to 20-40ma after about an hour

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Toyota dealers offer best prices for batteries and although it says Toyota on them they are likely to be made by Yuassa.
For Auris hybrid the price better Yuassa from Tayna or GSF car parts is £40 cheaper from Toyota. 

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When the Battery died on my old lexus, I rang the dealer as I had read that they were doing good deals at the time.

Oh yes they said, we can do one of those at £x (can't remember now exactly) and fit it for you aswell if you bring it in.

Just the one little flaw in the plan, I couldn't figure out how to get 1 and a half tonnes of dead lexus to the dealer without a new Battery being fitted.

The logic was completely beyond them, I suggested they could drop one in and I'll fit it, nope they couldn't do that as the offer was dealer fit only.

Finished up trundling round the corner to Allwoods with a wheelbarrow.




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On 5/4/2024 at 9:12 PM, roks said:

More concerning is the battery, its not holding charge, I thought it was the dashcam hardwired kit that's gone faulty but its not that as its disconnected.

Also can some please confirm, is the power windows supposed to worked once engine off and power off?  I am pretty sure it never worked for before but now it does or am I mistaken?


they dont work on a 15 whenswitched off or just radio on.

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