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Reconditioned engine will not start


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I recently had my mechanic (not Toyota) fit a reconditioned engine 1.6 diesel in my 2016 Avensis. He also did a reconditioned turbo. Car will not start and he is scratching his head Any ideas please?

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With no information about what he's tried, the first thing I'd say is to read OBD error codes. Has he checked there is fuel? Purged the filter and lines?


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Hi John,several issues could be causing this,these are some of the common problems encountered after an engine and turbo swap.

Fuel System issues,air in the lines,after reassembly, air bubbles trapped in the fuel lines can prevent fuel from reaching the engine. Proper bleeding of the fuel lines is required. A possible fuel pump malfunction, a faulty fuel pump might not deliver enough pressure for the engine to start.Clogged fuel filter a dirty fuel filter restricts fuel flow, hindering engine startup.

Electrical Issues,loose or disconnected wiring, double checking all electrical connections made during the engine and turbo installation is essential. A single loose wire can effect the whole starting process.Faulty sensors, crankshaft position sensor, among others, provide vital information for starting. A malfunctioning sensor can send incorrect signals, preventing the engine from starting.,Incorrect timing, the timing belt or chain needs to be set precisely for proper engine function. Even a slight misalignment can cause starting problems.Your mechanic should do a thorough inspection and carefully review all electrical connections made during the engine and turbo swap. Look for any loose or disconnected wires.

Fuel system check,Inspect the fuel lines for air bubbles. verify proper fuel pump operation and replace the fuel filter if necessary. Using a diagnostic tool can be crucial. It can identify any trouble codes stored in the car's computer, which might point towards the root cause of the starting issue. If your mechanic isn't very familiar with Toyotas, consulting a Toyota mechanic could be beneficial. They might have specific knowledge about troubleshooting procedures and potential trouble codes related to this make and model.

Check if there were any underlying problems with the car before the engine and turbo replacement that might be relevant to the current situation.Reconditioned parts, In rare cases, there could be an issue with the reconditioned engine or turbo itself. However, this is less likely than other causes mentioned above.

Your mechanic should be able to pinpoint the reason your Avensis isn't starting after the engine and turbo replacement.It needs a systematic approach that considers fuel system issues, electrical problems, and engine timing should lead to a successful diagnosis and get you back on the road.Hope this helps.:smile:

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Thanks for your replies and much appreciated. No faults are showing on computer and he is now to check timing. I think I might be better bringing it to a Toyota dealer as the supplier of reconditioned engine is confident no problem with it Again thanks


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no codes, does the scan tool talk to the car - I would think it is fuel-related, a failed in-tank fuel pump springs to mind

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