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Separate the engine from the transmission (T22, 1999)


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I've been fighting to separate the engine from the transmission for hours but can't get it to budge. I've tried pulling it back and forth (the small distance it's actually moving), shaking like mad, slide hammer with chain around the transmission etc. Is there something I'm missing or is more force the only way?

The engine is a 3S-FE (same as in many Camrys from the same era) 2.0 litre petrol.

I've attached two images to show how much it's separated at the moment. I'm very thankful for any tips and experiences.



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Hi mate,

Has been many many years since I removed a gearbox from any vehicle and have never had the "joy" of working on an Avenis, those I did were in the 70's and 80's but it's a basic job. Others here may have different or better advise but:-

Your photo's don't show everything but the only thing I can think of is have you tried supporting the weight of the box as you try to remove it. Either from above or jacking beneath it as you do so. If the box is now just hanging on the input shaft that passes through the clutch assembley may be the shaft is caught up, snagged, inside the clutch. Take it the clutch will be replaced ultimately so it might help trying to get some WD40 penetrant sprayed through the gap you have onto the input shaft it might help also.

It looks as though there's a fair bit of rust inside there when viewed from the top.

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Had another thought:-

Being as you have a gap between the gearbox and engine faces, how about inserting a couple of decent prybar's on either side of the gap and applying pressure using them as levers against the edges. Strikes me if it's just not coming out freely perhaps there's a circlip on the end of the input shaft thats causing the issue if it's not corrosion.

MMmm, cancel the circlip thing, just looked at a used gearbox on eBay and the input shaft is just plain splines. Could the release bearing have siezed/fused onto the clutch? Brute force likely your only option whatever is holding it.

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i take it is a manual and you have pulled the drive shafts, did you also unbolt the centre bearing on the back of the block to pull the shaft out of the box

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Thank you everyone for your answers so far, really appreciate it.

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