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Alarm going off often and randomly?


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Hi all! Auris 2015 post face lift. 

Alarm goes off random in the evenings, some times 2-3 times within an hour... Frustrating when youre one eye open almost dead asleep!! 


Some nights driving there is a bug flying about inside and i cannot seem to get it out for days, weeks even! A grey winged bug. (any suggestion to kill this bug and perhaps any eggs it may have left anywhere inside etc?) 


Any ideas? I read this suggestion i need to try but skeptical disabling alarm in any way.... 

On the verge of selling this auris tbh... Chairs sqyeek when going over bigger speedbumps... Ride is kind of stiff and you feel every pot every pebble on the road... Suspension is all good and checked... 😡


But what else is reliable that gives comfort.... And doesnt cost a mortgage... 

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you can disable the interior sensor and the bug eventually will die or find its way out. For poor comfort you may have over inflated tyres, something to check on cold first thing in the morning before the sun sees the car and before you drive off. Car suspension is sensitive about tyres pressure and if these are way out ot will become harsh and crushing, if too low it will become very squishy and wobbly. 
My Auris was not great with 17” wheels but o have replaced these with smaller 16” and the car has a nice rubbery feel, tyres are also best in business and these helps actually a lot. 

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From another recent thread, i can confirm that disconnecting the bonnet sensor attached to bonnet latch does indeed disable the alarm.

The alarm usually arms itself after 30 seconds when using remote to lock the car.

Not aware of there being any sound or ultrasonic sensors on the car. That sensor in the interior light is for the handsfree mic for phone audio.

As far as im aware the alarm sensors are triggered by simple door switches.

As Tony suggests, check your tyre pressure, as i cant complain about ride comfort on my auris 2016 hatchback with 16" alloys.

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