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Do Mr2 Roadsters Have The Softest Paint Ever?


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Hi, Paul here, new member here, from Wiltshire, UK.

I have a 2000 MR2 Roadster in Metallic Blue. I've owned it for two years now, and love it to bits. There is one thing that drives me mad though, now I've found this forum, I'd like to jknow whether this is a general problem, or whether I am unique.

It seems to me you only need to look at the paintwork to scratch it. I have loads and loads of hairline scratches apprearing over my car - the paintwork seems to have almost no resistance to scratching. For example, my Wife used a new chamois leather that had a sewn joint it it. The join was sewn with soft cotton, yet it put hairlaine scratches all over the car. The slightest impact will chip the paint. I have never, ever, seem a car with such weak paintwork. I also have a Lexus IS200. The paintwork on that is ridiculously soft, but nowhere near as bad as the MR2.

Is this a problem that affects a lot of MR2s, or is it just me?

Also, does anyone else find that the colour of the plastic bits (ie front and rear bumpers) does not match the rest of the body when seen in the right light? I got my car new (pre-registered to Toyota, but I was definitely the first actual owner), so it should not have needed any spraying work.

Thanks for your thoughts guys..


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I've just bought a 2001 MR-S/Roadster/whatever you want to call it and I can say that in 65 miles it has picked up more stone chips than anything else I've ever owned, even vehicles that I've done 10's of thousands of miles in. I shall be watching this closely and taking it up with Toyota if it continues to chip this badly.

Mr L

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i'm sure spwolf will be able to help u with this one, I believe he's just got one and will probably tell u that is something you're doing wrong to the car :rolleyes:

i've never really noticed the mr2's to have bad paintwork :o

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The paint on my 2000 SW20 is still in mint (except where the wife backed it into a wall). Sunburst red - no metallic, meaning no SOFT laquer - which is the bit that scratches.

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