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Just Bought Another Ts

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I don’t know if any of you Guys remembered, but a short while ago I was talking about changing my Yaris T-Sport for something with a little more grunt. I was toying with the idea of a Mini Cooper S, but changed my mind.

I popped up to my local Toyota dealer on Thursday evening only to see a mint 1-year old Corolla T Sport with only 7300 miles on the clock very reasonably priced in thunder gray.

I rang the dealer on Friday, and arranged a test drive. And that was that, the only thing I had left to say to the salesman was "I have it".

It turns out that the car only lived 2mins down the road from me, own by and elderly guy who unfortunately died of old age and his wife sold it back to the dealer.

I am really looking forward to picking it up next Tuesday, but it must be lowered by 30mm and have the window tints done.

Nick :P

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Hi nick Welcome back to the club. You've being quite for a long while. So you have sold the Yaris T Sport and got yourself a Corolla T Sport very nice. So will we be seeing you at any of the meets?

Hope to here from you soon :D


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Don't be fooled by old guys driving slow, he musta bought the Tsport for some reason. Why spend 16K when he could get a sensible one for much less. I have an uncle who is over 70 years old but has just got a brand new e class merc. He's burning around all the time and (changes gears very late) So don't be fooled by the previous owner *******. Anyhow so what if its been thrashed surely the car should still last a while even if it has after all thats why you bought a toyota.

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Hi Nick,

may be the old lady is not so thick either, and changed the tyres and brake pads before clocking the car, and blowing over the front end to hide the stone chips, some of these old chicks can be right nasty Bast***ds :D :lol: :D :lol: , Enjoy the car, Iknow you will.

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I must appoligise for not keeping you guys posted; I was not able to collect the Corolla until last night, but by ***** was it worth the wait. The envy of all my mates, 20 years old and I am smoking around in a 190BHP rocket. I understand why most of you Corolla T drivers have had you machines lowered, I do tend to notice a small bit of body roll into corners, but I will get use to that. The reason why this has appeared so apparent is the Yaris has a very hard suspension set up and is a much smaller car.

Also am I right in understanding that TTE lowering kit is available through my local dealer? If so could someone give me an indication on price?

I will be sorting out my Pics at the weekend; I am taking the car to Brands Hatch on Monday, to see the UK round of the Cart Championship and rounds 3 & 4 of the British Touring Cars.



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