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Tyre Choice


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Hi chaps

I am thinking of buying a set of Yokohama A539's for touring (see Family forum - 'wheel shims') and was wondering if anyone had any opinions of them. I have heard they are dodgy in the wet but I will mainly beusing them in the dry where they are reported to be superb.



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Have heard Yoko's a great dry weather tyre's as you say but awful when wet, this is from various MR2 club's experience.

For the MR2 the tyre of choice appears to be the Goodyear F1 which is great in dry and wet conditions....

I'm running Pirelli P6000's on the rear and Goodyear NCT5's on the front and having no problems with them either....

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I have Yokohama A539's on my Sera, I've never encountered any problems with them and find they're good all round tyres. They may be slightly worse in the wet but nothing bad if you're not driving like a loon (which I hope no-one does in the wet anyway!)

They are a bit soft but I think this is a characteristic of sticky tyres.

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