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Turbo Kit For Tsport Yaris

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this is the answer i got when i asked someone in toyota uk about it, doesnt sound to good :(

"In respect of the Yaris turbo kit, at this stage it is in concept form

only at Toyota Motor Corporation. I doubt that it will ever be offered as

a retro fit accessory as it is not just a bolt on system (Multiple set up

changes suspension/wheels/light alloys etc....). At present there is no

fixed timescale for the introduction/non-introduction of this product."


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it was blue, with 16"/17" titanium/dark grey alloys. It also had a slightly different kit from the standard tsport on the front.

had a look at the engine, a small turbo was mounted on top of the engine but everything else looked normal under the bonnet.

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Yes, i know that the turbo Yaris is very nice and fast (150bhp) :ffs: . Because, I actually from Hong Kong, one of my friend is driving TURBO ECHO (Yaris), it is a very fast car with that small size :thumbsup: .

As i know, if you interesting to fit a turbo in you T SPORT, it is possible. You can find it in the internet. But i think the insurance compant will charge you a lot as well and not much people know how to do it as well. But you can try it ! :eek:

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