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Photoshopped Yaris


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Never thought i'd say this about a bodykitted car, but that doesn't look that bad! Apart from the bonnet, it looks pretty flash. I like gold wheels and burgundy though... since my Gran Turismo days!! The original still just undercuts it for super-fly-ness though!!

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seveer wot do you say to the C-One kit?

It's a load of Bo**ocks!

I hate kits... don't know why... personal preference... too boy-racer-ish. Maybe on an expensive car where you've got an engine to back it up, but on a 1.0 yaris... i don't see the point... i'd rather save my money and spend it on a quicker car.

On a T-Sport it's just about ok, but i still don't like them, sorry if im offending anybody!!

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Can't say i'd know the difference if all the bodykits came and slapped me in the face! I dunno what it looks like!

If i did, i probably wouldn't like it. I don't mind subtle bits, like skirts, or a spoiler or something like that, but when it's a whole kut and you can't tell what the car was, i think it's daft!

But yeah, not everyone's opinion and i hope im not upsetting anybody here!!

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