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Flame Gold Ts!


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Hello everyone!

This is my first post here after stumbling onto this site accidentally!

I bought a Flame Gold TS back in october '04 and i have not seen another one before or after! I did see a gold TS for sale at a dealer somewhere up north but in the flesh......Nothing!!

I was wondering do any of you have the same as me or know of anyone who does :-)

To me it doesn't seem to be a bad colour like brown or cowpat green, so why do there seem to be so few around?

Thanks everyone :-)

Arthur!!........(not my real name)!

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As far as i know there are not many flame gold ts around, ull find more in the lower spec models

ive only ever seen the 1 in the flesh and couldnt believe it at the time as didnt realiased they produced them in that colour

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I've only seen one too and i had to double check it was a TS, not seen one since! You should be happy its rare! T sports are rare enough in any colour when you look at how popular rivals such as the MINI, Corsa SRI, Fiesta Zetec-S are!

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I can count on one hand the amount of Gold Yaris’ I’ve seen, and it’s possibly the same one.

As mentioned, compared to other cars the Yaris is quite rare which makes it even more special.

Toyota do limited editions of certain colours for a short time, I think the last TS in a limited number was Blue, like Angels, the standard colours are Black Thunder Grey and Red.

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Yes, rest in peace limited edition Balearic Blue (I hate Toyota for not reinstating it for me....)

JJ has a Flame Gold Yaris, I love the colour of hers, because its so unique.....

I probably could have gotten a new T-Sport in December if I'd have wanted one (even though the insurance would have been on the high side!) - the main reason I didn't was there wasnt a blue one and I didnt want a second hand one.....

Its a bit annoying really as my mate bought a brand new SportKa in October last year (I told her to get a Yaris - she wouldnt listen! lol) and Ford will do them in almost any colour you can get a normal Ka in....

It annoys me why Toyota wont do the same.....! :rolleyes:

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I doubt it :P

My sis was buying a new car, and narrowed it down to the 206 or a Ka, we tested both of them, and even the top line Ka felt really cheap inside and it was as if you were in a go kart, not safe feeling :lol:

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How is your friends Ka? Is she enjoying it as much as you yours?

She is actually - she loves it! Shes a "Ford bird" - she only ever buys Fords!

I did try and convert her but she wouldnt have it!

Its not a bad looking car and it does go like the clappers when she puts her foot down, but I still wouldnt buy one, even if my life depended on it....

And thats why we're such good mates - she would never buy a 'Yota, and I would never buy a Ford, so theres no competition.... :D

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