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Yaris Mods


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Depends how much you want to spend...

1) Exhaust trim

2) Some alloys

3) Window tints

4) Colour coding (as TVOR mentioned)

5) Replacment dash speakers, some 6*9 for the rear...

I could mention a few more, but you haven't mentioned a price range!



That rules out no's 2,3,4 :lol:

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LOL, depends! Could get some alloys off eBay (as long as they're in good condition and fairly cheap, OR on here..), Window tints...hhmmmm ok...but I'm not sure what a good price is for it in UK. It's 100 CY pounds here, sides and rear window. And on second thoughts...colour coding...yeh, could be pricey! My bad! But a rough figure to work on would help!

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number of good things, audio is a must, stock is terrible, lets face it

alloys always make the car look nice, 14 or 15 are way to small IMO id go with 16s looks sweet but doesnt make to much performance difference

window tints again, always good and finnish he car off nicely

another must has to be lowering, stoc sits sooo high, you will notice such a difference once lowerd, handling improves considerably

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