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I've asked this question in the past but with little results here goes, has anyone tried to fit a dirrect replacement air filter to Yaris SR I've tried KN and pipercross both slightly oversize. Just returned from Japfest at Castle Combe top day for a first event can only get better. :wacko:

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Hi there. My guess is that if you go with a brand like ITG or Blitz or HKS or even TRD, there's little chance of the filter not fitting in the box.

Why don't you try a cone air filter or a mushroom shaped one from HKS? People here in Greece have been using them in their cars with great success.


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Let's see, if you are serious about fitting a cone filter, then you'll need:

a. a suitable flexible tube

b. a heat shield

c. a place to fit the filter

So, first you start with finding where you could put the filter. This person here has installed it in the back of the engine bay. It think you should avoid such an installation because your engine will draw hot air, which is bad. Try to find a place in the front, maybe next to the radiator or in front of the Battery.

Next try to design a heat shield, meaning a sheet of metal formed in such a way that will prevent air coming from the engine bay to come near the filter and be drawn in.

After all this is done, try to find a sutable route for the tube to follow, meaning that you should make sure there are as few bends as possible. As for the sensor you mention, you can always make a hole on the tube and fit it there.

All of the above is what I did with my Corolla. Fitting the sensor was propably the easiest part!!!

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