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Avensis Or Corolla?

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My other half wants to sell his Y reg Peugeot 206 and get a new car AND also a new motorbike! We've looked at BMW 3 series & Audi A4's - I'm determined he'll go Jap! I dont want a Beemer on the drive! lol

We have seen a gorgeous Honda Accord 2.2 Coupe advertised on the Autotrader website and will also be looking at Civics.

We are going to Toyota today anyway to sort my Yaris' scratch out so I'll see what sort of cars they have there.

He definately does not want a Yaris - BOOO! But I suggested either a Corolla or an Avensis. Looking for possibly a 1.8 upwards with all mod cons etc for about £2k if poss as he wants to use the rest of his money from the sale of the 206 to buy the motorbike

Seen some nice Corollas and Avensis' for the money - but which would be better? Dont want to cause fights between Corolla and Avensis folk - I know the Avensis is bigger - but would you get more for your money with the bigger car?

Has anyone bought either an Avensis or a Corolla for that sort of money recently who can advise?

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