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Spare Wheel Cover


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I've got a 1993 Hilux Surf (4 Runner) and want to get a decent spare wheel cover.

Being as the internet is a minefield of sellers... some good :) , some seriously bad :arrgg-matey: ... I thought I'd ask on here whether anyone can recommend a decent seller of 4x4 accessories like this.

I'm in Kent, and ideally I'd prefer, if possible, to be able to see what I'm buying rather than rely on a flattering 'Photoshop enhanced' picture.

Any advice would be appreciated. :thumbsup:


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cant help you mate but welcome! you certainly love your toyotas!

youve got 3!!!

Thanks for the welcome. I used to work for Toyota, hence my driveway full (and am still working within the Japanese side of the motor trade so parts are dead cheap!) I've had a few Toyota's in my time, my favourite being the late 2.8i Celica Supra (MA61) :drool: . Ahhhh....memories from my youth!

I've promised myself that someday soon I'll own a Supra Twin Turbo....maybe even later this year, finances, time and missus permitting!!! :D

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