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Buying An 86 Tomorow Need Some Help

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hey guys im new to this forum and i need some help im buying an 86 corolla tomorow as a dd and i gues project drifter while my sc300 is down. i found one with a nice body motor was just rebuilt but the carb is bad he said it still drives tho. so i guess my question is where can i get another one of maybe something after market or what about switching to fuel injection? i know nothing about these cars i just want a cheap reliable way to fix it..... thanks for any help given

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So your buying the ultimate drift machine :yes:

You say it already has carbs but are playing up, my advice then would be a pair of DCOE 45's (if there not to expensive) along with manifold, the maifolds I believe are easier to aquire on your side of the pond than ours.

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