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Sebring Exhaust .. Anyone Knows?

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so my quest for an exhaust is not over..

i checked around here in israel, and the only exhaust that is permitted by the MOT is sebring, of course i can put something else, and reinstall the old one during mot test..

but.. is sebring any good?

anyone got it?

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I once drove a mkiii supra N/A with a Sebring exhaust.. it seemed very solid, and very smooth...

Very nice... a nice upgrade for someone that doesn;t want the "in yourfaceness" of the HKS and Blitz systems..

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i guess This is the part your on about and if so yes it it just the back box (final box with tip). It will change only the sound of the exhaust note not its performance. O and appearance from rear end of car!

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No - the diagram probably doesn help ...

Ok the exhaust from the engine is in three bits:

1. The Header - which connects the back of the engine to the exhuast

2. The Mid Section - which normally contains one or two catatlytic converters as standard

3.The Baxk box/Muffler etc

If you look under your car from the back and follow the pipework back - tucked up under the chassis is an egg shaped join in the pipe - this is the point whereby the catback system bolts onto.

Ill be very surprised if the Sebring isnt cat-back itself.

In terms of what a catback systems will do - itll make a nice rumble and make the car rev more freely. In terms of power it will be very minor until such times as the cat is either upgraded or removed completely (decatting).

Also a sports header will improve performance ...

Sorry - but the diagram above doesnt make sense Matt

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yup :yes: unless they are cat backs as that makes some of the pipe wider (pipe from cat to back box) which frees revs! if it is just a back box/muffler only sound and looks! and with a cat back the performance still isnt much as clarky said!

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Matt - wasnt having a pop at you or your drawing skills - mine are no better. Had a look and I cant find a decent pic of the underside of my car.

What I realised after I posted is that your car is a T3 Phase 2 - mines is a T-Sport Phase 1. There are some differences .. hence me saying your diagram was confusing - its not - its just for your car!

Sorry mate

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