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Think I Need New Wheels


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I've had a slow puncture in one of my tyres for about 3 weeks now, got it checked out at a tyre place today and they showed me the cause was a crack in the inside of the alloy wheel, about 4 inches long. They said there's a chance it could be welded but it would only be a temp fix. They recommended I go for some new wheels instead (wouldn't mind changing them anyway). Probably won't go for these but they quoted me £370 for 17" TSW Apex's and £420 for TSW Pace's, are these good prices just for wheels? Am I doing the right thing getting new wheels as opposed to repairing these ones? Cheers.

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£450 mate... and they come with Goodyear Eagle GSD3... 215/40/17 front (5-6mm above legal limit) and 235/40/17 rear (2mm above legal limit).

They are absolutely mint.

17x7J front and 17x8J rear... both ET35 offset.

Cost over £1000 new with tyres...and still in as good condition.

They also come with the one-off custom carbon fiber centre caps.

The missus forces sale... :(

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bargain price mate, i'll get back to you soon....

No worries mate.

Speak soon... (not sure they'll fit the GTO though!) ;)

Didn't get the gto mate, the guy was a to**er, drove to necastle for him to change his mind for no reason !?!?!?

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Well, I've narrowed my choice to Boss XL100's, XL200's and XTS's. Been quoted £380 for all of them without tyres, that includes fitting, balancing etc. What do you guys think?

How can they balance them without tyres on them? impossible.. you balance the tyre to the rim.. most of the imbalance is with the tyre.


I had a look at those guys before i got my RSS's from Envy.. had some cracking wheels at descent prices.

For the record.. if any of you crack an alloy, no matter how small, never repair it,, the wheel will be severly weekened and in a dangerous condition.. and who wants that on their pride and joy at 70mph on the motorway... not me.

Edit:.. Spose i better say hi to those of you who don't know me.. as its my 1st post in this section (i think).. just got a 2

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