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Different Bumpers On The Echo In Usa And Canada

jay dh

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just come back from the west and all the echo's out there have longer bumpers for some odd reason and look stupid, anyone kno the reason for this?

i recon its cos they think the echo is a dodgem car cos its so small compared to what they have out there


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Americans have always had strict view on bumpers, take for example the MGB, those black plastic bumpers were put on so that it could be sold in the US, the 240z, Lambo Countach, and old mercs all suffered the same punishment.


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Yes it's to fit in with their safety regs. The front one isn't so bad but the back one makes the Echo hatchback look like it's got a big bottom! :lol:

They often have a little rubber step on top of it to avoid scratching the bumper when loading the boot, er, trunk. :yes:

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